How to Increase the Longevity of Your air conditioner

It is evident that the durability of air conditioner is usually not less than nine years and also no more than twenty years. You need some guidance on how you can make your air conditioner last for an extra period. Here are the guidelines to consider.

Think about gauging energy efficiency. doing this is among the tips that will make your air conditioner last for many years. You need to focus on Seasonal Energy Ratio and it is important to know that more energy efficacy occurs when the ratio is high. An upgrade is required for the ratio that is below 14. If you are no longer using air conditioner make sure that you turn it off so that you do not misuse energy.

Keep your air conditioner clean. Clean it several times at it will last for long. You need to wipe the unit’s exterior and interior on monthly basis and vacuum the areas that collect dust, check it out! The condenser coils can attract dust so you need to check and hose them off a single time in a year.

It is good to change filter frequently. The air filter should be checked and replaced according to how the usage for instance 1 or 3 months. You can also use availability of the pets and also quality of air to know when you should replace the filter. Fix the air filter in a way that it is able to trap huge amount of dust.

Consider finding out leaks. Always make sure that you turn off air conditioner as fast as possible in case of leaks so that more issues may not arise. So that you can understand the nature of leaks you can check the connections. The best solution is to seal the leaks with epoxy. You can consider assistance from an expert, discover more now.

Your air conditioner need rest. Whenever the air conditioner is not in use it should be turned off. This will not only help in saving energy but also prevent overwork, click here to learn. When you are asleep you should reduce the temperature.

You should allow enough air to circulate. Dust and dirt accumulation in the air conditioner can result into overheat and also deficient airflow and this can lead to wearing out of the motor. You are required to get rid of dirt from the air ducts and vents to avoid such issues, click here for more information.

Consider scheduling professional service. You need a professional for repair, maintenance, cleaning and other services. You should consider professional service during the spring. This is when you do not need air conditioner so much. You will not buy another air conditioner quickly when you take the guidelines above seriously.